Course List

We offer the following courses as well as create customized training courses for you or your agency.  Because we schedule courses by student interest, we ask that you add your information to the "Course Interest List" below in order to be notified when that course is offered.  The minimum list count for a class to be scheduled is usually between 8-10 students.

Law Enforcement/Military Classes (1-Day courses unless listed otherwise)

Active Shooter Response for One/Two Officer Elements

Advanced Handgun for LE/MIL 2-Day Course

Ballistic Shield Basics for Patrol - 1 Day Course

Ballistic Shield Intermediate - 2-Day Course

Basic Entry & Team Tactics for LE

Basics of Mechanical Breaching & Entry for LE

Caseload & Time Management for Probation Officers (4 hour)

Combat Handgun for Law Enforcement/Military

Combat Handgun for Law Enforcement Women

Combat Handgun 2: Close Quarters for LE/MIL

Combat Rifle for Law Enforcement

Counter Ambush Handgun Tactics for LE/MIL

Driver Awareness & Basic Vehicle Operations STC Course

Field Training Officer 40 Hour/5-Day Certification STC Course

Field Training Officer Update 24 Hour/3-Day STC Course (ATG STC 5-Day prerequisite)

High Risk Contacts for Law Enforcement (High Risk Ped/Veh/Res Take-Downs)

High Risk Transport "Live Fire" for LE/Corrections

Law Enforcement Armorer - 1911 Pistol Platforms

Law Enforcement Armorer - 2011 Pistol Platforms

Law Enforcement Armorer - AR15/M4/M16 Rifle Platforms

Law Enforcement Armorer - Glock Pistol Platforms

Law Enforcement Armorer - Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Platforms

Law Enforcement Armorer - Remington 870 Shotgun

Law Enforcement Armorer - Smith & Wesson Revolvers

Narcotic Trends for Probation STC Course

Pistol Skill Builder for LE/MIL

Plain Clothes & Off-Duty Combat for LE

SWAT Live Fire Combat Course I & II

SWAT Tactics, Rescue & Extraction Live Fire Course

Tactical Lifesaver for Law Enforcement (Tactics, Extraction, Basic Medical/TacMed)

Tactics, Rescue & Extraction "Live Fire" for LE/MIL

Target ID & Scouting for Law Enforcement

Terrorism Awareness for Sworn/Non-Sworn

Weapons ID & Safety for LE