8 Steps to Starting a Firearms Training Business - Change In Plans!!!

First off, I have to apologize to all my readers. I abruptly stopped this BLOG after #3 without any explanation. Additionally, I want to specifically apologize to all of you that were waiting…and waiting…and waiting for part 4 to be posted (and there were a few of you 😉). So, let me explain. As I began to write this blog, I had to continually condense information for every single write up in order to fit the blog format. It became increasingly clear that a blog would not give me the room to expound on all the topics being presented. So, I started to think…I should write a book!

That is the main reason I did not continue with this blog in a timely manner. I wanted to consider a book so that I could truly give readers a complete guide to starting a firearms training business and not have to cut any corners. I want you know everything that I have learned during my journey so that you can avoid the mistakes that I made and hit the ground running. And so, I stopped writing this blog and sincerely thought about how to put these writings in book format.

Since that time, I have spoken to a few of you regarding this venture. And now I have made my final decision. I WILL be writing a book! I want to thank everyone for following along and encouraging me to continue with this subject matter. I really do appreciate it. Also, I will be notifying everyone when the book is finished. My plan is to get it done as soon as possible due to the overwhelming opportunities that will be presenting itself in 2021 and 2022.

The following information was recently published for our industry...

Approximately 10.47 million guns were sold between March and July 2020 in the United States. This surge added over 5 million new gun owners to the firearms industry!!!

This means an increase in demand for firearms training over the next few years. This also translates into lot of successful business owners getting to follow their passion by starting a lucrative side hustle or operating a full-time training business. You can't beat that!

And with that being said, I will sincerely work hard to get this book completed so that you can get your eyes on it as soon as it is released.

Thanks again and I look forward to sharing this information and working with you to get your firearms training business started on the right path!

Until the range, stay safe.


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