Verified Law Enforcement Vendor

Becoming a "Verified LE Vendor" includes a badge being placed on your listing that confirms your LE status.  This will let buyers or attendees know that they are conducting business with a verified law enforcement officer, agency or business. Verified LE Vendor badges are only given to vendors who have requested it and then confirmed employment as a current or honorably retired law enforcement officer or LE related organization. One or more of the methods listed below may be used for this verification (at the discretion of BlueLineDistrict):

1) Registering as a vendor on BlueLineDistrict with an official law enforcement agency/government e-mail address. Personal/Non-Agency e-mail addresses may be substituted after the confirmation process is completed.


2) Scanning and e-mailing a copy (both sides) of your current (active or retired) law enforcement identification card to BlueLineDistrict.


3) BlueLineDistrict places a phone call to the reception desk of your law enforcement agency and asks to be forwarded to your (i.e. "officer Smith's") voicemail. A verification code will be left on the voicemail. You reply by e-mail or phone with the verification code and confirm your interest as a "Verified LE Vendor". If retired, a department personnel officer or Union (i.e. POA, DSA, etc.) can be contacted for verification.

4) If you are an LE related business, agency or organization, e-mail us at with your contact information and a BlueLineDistrict staff member will be in touch to conduct a quick verification.