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The testimonials section is provided to show actual comments from students who have trained with Armitage Tactical Group.  The comments come from various courses that ATG provides.



General Comments:


"This course is second to none; awesome trainers and excellent training and development of necessary skill sets to operate safely and confidently as a LEO."


"Great course!  Look forward to training with ATG in the future."


"Excellent training.  Very useful.  Enjoyed class."


"Excellent instruction.  Good tactics and methods."


"Great class.  Would come back again."


"Good class.  Will tell others about it."


"Very useful info for patrol officers."


"Overall very good.  Learned good techniques that can be used while on duty."


"Awesome.  We are going to incorporate 'combat tactics' into a training for our deputies."




"I learned a lot and feel more confident utilizing medical skills."


"Very relevant to our job.  Thank you!"


"Very organized and full of knowledge."


"Great course."


"Very good course.  Got to practice some old skills and try some new ones.  It was nice working with mixed teams, I learned a lot."


"This training should be incorporated with the Probation Department's Safety Academy."


"Sims training covering tactics and ideas different from what I was taught in LE as well as military."


"Excellent class.  Very useful.  And knowledgeable instructors.  Great down time instruction on Emergency 1st Aid."


"Great class.  The information provided was diverse and all pertinent."


"Thank you.  Greatly appreciated the basic 'learning to walk' door entry techniques.  Thank You!!!"


"Good Class.  I have learned my department has done a disservice by not providing us with the techniques learned today.  Thank you.  Good class."


"Knowledgeable instructors who seem to care about what they are teaching.  Thank you!"


"Great class.  Definitely needed."



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What did you like most about this course?


"Actual gun fighting instead of standardized police qual courses."


"Shooting out of vehicles."


"Shooting from unorthodox positions / aggressive response."


"Instructor / student ratio.  Instructors were very knowledgeable."


"The real world, stress scenario training."


"New tactics taught.  Different from a lot of old school thought. Great Job!"


"The practical application of moving, shooting and reloading on the move."


"New direction and skills for police officers."


"Instructor was well organized and professional.  Material/content was useful."


"The safety of the range was the instructor's main goal.  The instructors were knowledgeable and respectful."


"Every course aspect was well presented and extremely valuable.  Thanks for helping us go home brothers!!!"


"Everything.  Why haven't we had this before?"


"Very thorough class.  Great useful info."


"I liked the hands-on training."


"Hands-on approach to training."


"Having guys from different agencies teaching, we get a lot more out of it because of new topics from different points of view."


"All new information to me.  Never had combat medical training, so 100% was good info for me."


"Immediately jumping into hands on training.  Good facility."


"The scouting section rocked!"


"The fact that as a Probation Officer, we do entry and am able to apply today's learning to my field work."


"Scenarios definitely.  I really appreciate everyone's help."


"Even as a first-timer, it was explained simply and it was fun!"


"First Aid is important.  Certain topics were discussed thoroughly.  I thought scouting was going to be boring but it was interesting and very informative."


"How to apply & usefulness of the tourniquet."


"The hands on experience.  The instructor's knowledge."







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