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Armitage Tactical






About Us


Armitage Tactical Group (ATG) is a Law Enforcement / Military / Civilian Tactical & Firearms Training Company based in California.  ATG serves all California counties for tactical and firearms training.  We also have a mobile training team available for travel throughout the United States.


We specialize in firearms, tactical and medic training for all government agencies and law abiding civilians.  These trainings help our students obtain the skills necessary to protect themselves and others in this increasingly dangerous world.  We do this through a variety of practical training courses.


Our Mission Statement


To continually train ourselves and others; to be on our guard; to stand firm in our faith; to be men of courage; to be strong.


Armitage Tactical's core belief is that it is our life's calling to train and equip warriors in order that they can effectively protect those who cannot protect themselves.  In the bible, God tells Joshua, "Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." - Joshua 1:9.  In this passage, God is encouraging Joshua because he is in a new leadership position and is about to enter Canaan and fight some major battles that cannot humanly be won.  And although the situation looks overwhelming, God is with Joshua and has already given him victory.  But, it is Joshua's responsibility to take action and do what he was called to do in order for the promised victory to come to pass.  And Joshua did as the LORD commanded. Therefore, we believe it is our duty to train warriors who were specifically called by God to do what they were born to do...


Our Instructors


Armitage Tactical instructors have extensive military (US Special Operations) and law enforcement (SWAT/Tactical Unit) backgrounds.  A majority of ATG instructors are still currently employed by a local, state, or federal law enforcement agency.  Additionally, ATG instructors have experience providing trainings for military soldiers, sheriff deputies, police officers, probation and parole officers, correctional officers, security officers, close/executive protection agents, social service workers, school officials, medical staff and civilians.


Who We Train


Military and Law Enforcement Officers that Armitage Tactical Group has had the honor to train with have come from agencies such as:


bullet Bakersfield Police Department
bullet Bell Gardens Police Department
bullet Burlington Northern Santa Fe Police
bulletButte County Probation Department
bulletButte County Sheriff's Office
bullet California Dept of Corrections & Rehabilitation (State Parole)
bullet California Department of Parks & Rec
bullet California Highway Patrol
bullet Cerritos College District Police Department
bullet Chino Police Department
bullet Covina Police Department
bullet Culver City Police Department
bullet Department of Defense
bullet El Cajon Police Department
bullet El Monte Police Department
bullet Escondido Police Department
bullet Fountain Valley Police Department
bullet Glendale Police Department
bullet Glendora Police Department
bullet Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
bullet Indio Police Department
bullet Irvine Police Department
bullet Kern County Sheriff Department
bullet Long Beach Police Department
bullet Long Beach State University Police Department
bullet Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
bullet Los Angeles Police Department
bullet Los Angeles Port Police Department
bullet Los Angeles School District
bulletLos Angeles World Airport Police Department
bulletMarin County Probation Department
bulletMarin County Sheriff's Office
bullet Oceanside Police Department
bullet Orange County Probation Department
bullet Orange County Sheriff's Office
bullet Pasadena Police Department
bulletRedlands Police Department
bullet Riverside County Probation Department
bullet Riverside County Sheriff's Department
bullet Riverside Police Department
bulletSacramento County Sheriff's Office
bulletSan Bernardino County District Attorney's Office
bullet San Bernardino County Probation Department
bullet San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
bullet San Bernardino Police Department
bullet San Diego County Probation Department
bullet San Diego County Sheriff's Department
bullet San Gabriel Police Department
bullet San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office
bullet San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Security 
bullet Santa Barbara County Probation Department
bullet Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department
bullet Santa Barbara Police Department
bullet South Gate Police Department
bullet South Pasadena Police Department
bullet Stanislaus County Probation Department
bulletTrinity County Probation Department
bullet Tucson Police Department (Arizona)
bullet Union Pacific Police Department
bullet United States Air Force
bulletUnited States Army
bullet United States Border Patrol
bullet United States Marshal Service
bulletUnited States Secret Service
bulletUpland Police Department
bulletVentura Police Department
bullet Ventura County Probation Agency
bullet Ventura County Sheriff's Office
bullet West Covina Police Department
bulletWest Sacramento Police Department



Please visit our Course Descriptions page for a full description and pricing on all our offered classes.






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